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For Linda, the creation of Art,  is a necessity of life.

Although inspired, in her early years, by the Dutch Masters, the Impressionists, early American Art and the Canadian Group of Seven, she was and is equally impressed by any artist who is technically proficient, particularly those who create art of an uplifting nature.

Always intrigued and compelled by the sense of further dimension on a two-dimensional plane, the well-known story of the man who fell so in love with a painting that he eventually walked right into it, has been one of Lindas' most powerful influences.

A major affirmation of her personal accomplishments came about one day when some birds that were at a feeder on the outside of an open window, flew inside.  When attempting to escape, they kept flying into  her landscapes, until she was able to guide them out the correct exit.

     Her message, as an artist, is not one of catharsis, or shock, but rather of harmony, peace of mind, and transcendence over the pain, boredom, insanity and frustrations of daily life.

With her wide-ranging ability to capture almost any subject, Linda has fulfilled many commissions.  She has exhibited at the DADA Downtown Lives Show, in several group shows in downtown Los Angeles, in restaurants and cafes and has work in private collections in the U.S. and Canada.

She has also taught private art classes incorporating drawing, composition and perspective.  

After working for  years with a tight hand, in her personal, commissioned and commercial art,  Linda was driven to break free.   Out of this, came very striking paintings of geometric cityscapes, 3D abstracts and a compulsion to develop impressionistically.

She has also delved into the computer and become proficient in PhotoShop as demonstrated in her City Moods, City Nights Series, Childrens' Plaques, the Tropicals, Butterflies and new Photographic sections like Florals and her Memories of Moss Landing series. 

 Seeking a permanent showcase for her work, Linda has put together this web-site.  

 If you have any inquiries, please contact Linda through her email address below.




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