Graphic Art

In the process of developing as a fine artist over the last 35 years, Linda has designed many graphic projects for herself and friends. 

Life led her into the art studios of the textile Industry where she worked, mostly freelance, for over 18 years.  When the computer came to dominate the art studios, Linda became very enthusiastic about and  skilled in PhotoShop,  So much so, that she viewed it as a new creative medium for her own Artwork as well. 

As the Textile Industry deteriorated, she has redefined her abilities in the Graphic Arts direction and has now added InDesign to her toolbox

It became apparent that a web page would be important to display her skills, Linda learned Front Page.  She did this site and the sights linked below.




 Business Cards Stationery Poster Advertising Menu


Record , Cassette Covers Advertising Postcards


Jewelry Tribute Plaques

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Tribute Plaques

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